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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/10/16



Iowa State Football

OH, THAT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER. Chris Williams talks about how losing two in a row like that was mathematically improbable.

BUT ARE THEY LEARNING? Another heartbreaker, but are the Cyclones learning lessons from the pain?

CAMPBELL’S CULTURE CLASH. What’s Matt Campbell’s greatest challenge this season?

13.5. Texas is a 13.5 point favorite over Iowa State in Austin next weekend.

Iowa State Basketball

BREAKOUT BURTON. Jon Rothstein has Deonte Burton listed as one of his breakout players of the season.

Iowa State Volleyball

JUST SHORT. Iowa State battled back to force five sets against Texas, but ultimately fell to the nation’s #4 team.

Around The Country

I’M SORRY, RUTGERS. Michigan hammered Rutgers like they were a D3 team, so here’s the saddest images from that.

KICKER POWER. Here’s a female high school football kicker that just wants to be one of the guys, whether it’s sophomore hazing or you know, destroying kick returners.

ODELL FORGIVES. Odell Beckham celebrated his TD by hugging his old nemesis, the kicking net.

JUST BILLS THINGS. Tyrod Taylor lined up behind his guard, and the center snapped the ball anyway.

EMBIID’S SHOOTING THREES NOW? I guess he has had like 3 years to work on the long ball.

THAT’S A NEW WAY TO ESCAPE. Using the injury cart to dodge police coming after you for unpaid child support is something so crazy, you couldn’t make it up.

NOBODY? OK THEN. D’Angelo Russell was ignored by teammates for a high five, so he took matters into his own hands (I’ll see myself out for that dad joke, thanks).