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The Mid-Afternoon Dump: Basketball Links Galore

But there is still football happening too!

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Iowa State Football

TEXAS PREVIEW. Contrary to popular belief, football season is still on, and the Cyclones play Texas this weekend in a cesspool Austin.

SPEAKING OF CESSPOOL. Uncle Randy doesn’t think that Austin, TX is one.

WAGGON(ER) BREAKES AXLE. Iowa State defensive end J.D. Waggoner had surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle and is out for the remainder of the season.

Iowa State Basketball

HOOPS HOOPS HOOPS. Men’s Basketball Media Day was yesterday afternoon, and we’ve got notes and hot takes galore.

DEONTE “DOUBLE DOUBLE” BURTON? The senior forward/guard/bowling ball has high goals for himself to go with Prohm’s lofty expectations.

PROHM GETS DEFENSIVE. Improving play on the defensive end is at the top of the to-do list for Steve Prohm and his coaching staff.

BABB READY TO SHINE? Nick Weiler-Babb was a huge topic of discussion yesterday, especially when Prohm mentioned he had the most NBA potential of anyone on the roster.

MEET THE NEWCOMERS. The 2016-17 Cyclones will have newcomers up and down the roster, primarily in the front court. Check out what is being said about them.

OFF THE RECORD. The boys at CF did a fun podcast with Coach Prohm, and it’s worth a listen.

Around The Country

CUBS THINGS. Who should Cubs fans be cheering for in tonight’s game between the Dodgers and Nationals?

WEEK SIX PICKS. Which NFL teams are going to come away with a W this Sunday?

FANTASY THINGS. Who should you start or sit this weekend? Does it really matter anyways? We all know you’re going to make the wrong decision anyway.

NBA X-FACTOR’S. Check out a list of every NBA team’s X-Factor for the upcoming season. (Hint: Niang is not one of them).

WHAT IS LOCKER ROOM TALK? Someone apparently thought it would be a good idea to ask LeBron James and Tom Brady that question.

THIRD WEEKEND IN OCTOBER (!!!!). This weekend always produces good college football, and there are several playoff-altering match-ups happening this weekend.

NBA HOT TAKES. Zach Lowe, probably the best NBA writer on the planet, has some crazy predictions for the upcoming season.