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The Mid-Morning Dump: Does Lebron Have Eligibility?

Lebron is going to college and we lost a commit. Coincidence?

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Iowa State Football

PAST SUCCESS. Iowa State will be looking to keep momentum from previous wins against Texas going.

LANNING THE MAN? The offense has improved in previous weeks, is Lanning the man?

TIME TO STOP THE RUN! The Cyclones need to stop the run, and it needs to happen starting tomorrow.

PREDICTION. Who wins tomorrow? We tell you who.

MAKING HISTORY. Rob Gray says Iowa State can make some history this weekend.

Iowa State Basketball

FEAZELL OUT. 3-star recruit KeyShawn Feazell, decommitted last night and is taking his talents to Mississippi State.

FOURTH! The coaches voted, and Iowa State is picked fourth in the Big 12.

HILTON MADNESS! There are basketball events happening tonight in Hilton! Everyone go!

MONTE WORKLOAD. Monte Morris’ past workload was big, but expect his minutes to decrease this season.

Around The Country

DODGERS AND CUBS. The Dodgers got past the Nationals last night to set up a date with the Cubs.

CHARGERS DIDN’T BLOW IT! The Chargers finally exorcised their 4th quarter demons and beat the Broncos last night.

BOUGHT OUT. LSU and Florida will buy out their opponents to make up an SEC game affected by Hurricane Matthew.

THE KING TO COLLEGE! Lebron James says he is going to college and has already chosen a school. Does he have eligibility left?

TEBOW IS NOT GOOD. Tim Tebow is struggling in the Arizona Fall League so far. As if you didn’t already see that coming.

DAMN YOU BARTMAN. 13 years ago today, Bartman pissed off myself and many other Cubs fans.