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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/17/16

We’re getting Big 12 expansion today! But maybe not.

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Iowa State Football

NOT CAMPBELL’S FAULT. Randy Peterson writes that he doesn’t blame Matt Campbell for going for broke against Texas.

TWO STEPS BACK. After signs of progress the last couple of weeks, Iowa State regressed Saturday.

Iowa State Basketball

JACK3ON? Donovan Jackson won the 3 point shooting contest at Hilton Madness, while Deonte Burton won his second straight dunk title.

BIG GOALS. Deonte Burton wants to add so much more than just dunks to his resume for his senior year.

Around The Country

NO EXPANSION FOR YOU! ESPN and Fox are pretty clear that they do not want Big 12 expansion to happen.

BUT WILL IT? At 5:30 tonight we’ll find out, but here’s a list of possible scenarios.

THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP. Nigel Hayes is the right person to represent “broke college athletes” everywhere.

BUTTCHUG. I guess this is what Bills fans do these days.

LAAAAAAAZY. Fox Sports doesn’t care enough to get a new pic of Sam Bradford, so they just pasted his head on Bridgewater’s body.

346 POUND SCREEN. Sure, you’ve seen fat guys score TDs before, but that’s usually via the rush.

AWWWWWW. A midfield proposal with Ed Sheeran in the background? Of course she said yes.

GREAT DEBUT. Loui Eriksson was signed by the Canucks for his goal scoring. They got it, except it was into his own net.

NFL FOOTBALL, MINOR LEAGUE NAME PLATES. Prince Amukamara was asked to change his jersey at halftime.