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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 12 Expansion? Not So Fast...

The Big 12 did nothing, the CLE-TOR series got real, and the Cubs-Dodgers resume play tonight in Los Angeles

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Iowa State Football

TEXAS HAPPENED. Iowa State football was on the up and up until the Longhorns brought us back down.

BYE, SWEET BYE. BYE is the perfect opponent for the Cyclones this week.

WE MADE THE LIST! AGAIN! Iowa State is once again in the Bottom 10 according to ESPN. Thanks for the kind words.

Iowa State Basketball

REBOUND FINALLY PLEASE. The Cyclones know they need to rebound better, and that duty falls to the newcomers in the front court.

MONTE AWARD WATCH COMMENCES. The senior point guard will be a candidate to not only break ISU records, but to earn awards like the Cousy Award (he was a top 5 finalist last year).

HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS. Simeon Carter is the front runner to replace Georges Niang as the pre-game dancer, but also CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO.

VERTICAL CYLINDER? The NCAA is changing rules again, and will now give each player a "vertical cylinder of personal space". Can we please call it the personal tall boy?

BIG 12 PREVIEW. Wouldn’t you know it? It’s all about Kansas again.

Around The Country

ISU VOLLEYBALL. A new alignment is helping the Cyclones improve as Big 12 play continues.

SAME OLD SAME OLD OR NAH? While this round of expansion talk didn’t yield change, it wasn’t much adieu about nothing.

BIG 12 TO BE 8 AND NOT 10? So the conference that has 10 teams didn’t expand up to 12. Does that mean it could end up with 8 teams?

ISU AIRPLANE NEWS ON THE RISE. Apparently President Leath let his neighbor, his uncle, his barber, and some guy at Subway ride on the ISU private airplane.

HATS FOR BATS. The Cleveland bats have heated up at the right time, and the Blue Jays need the same thing to happen to them.

SCHILLING DOESN’T APPROVE OF LAST NIGHT’S BLOODY ANTICS. Because of course he doesn’t. Why would he?

What a bloody mess this was.

JULIO URIAS IS YOUNG. At 20 years old, the Dodger’s game 4 starter will become the youngest MLB player to start a postseason game.

KNILE DAVIS TO THE PACKERS? Apparently Green Bay got tired of handing the ball off to their wide receivers.

ZOBRIST THINKS STEALING SIGNS IS FUNNY. Actually, he laughed off the notion of them stealing signs, which make me think it probably happened. Welcome to baseball?

WEEK 6 LESSONS. What did we learn from the NFL in week 6? The NFL is crazy, that’s what.

FRANK KAMINSKY DOESN’T LIKE THE CUBS. I’m not really sure how to react to this, but wearing a Bartman jersey to Wrigleyville is quite a bold move.