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The Mid-Morning Dump: There’s No Hope Left for the Cubs

The sky is, indeed, falling.

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Iowa State Football, er, Big 12 Expansion

BIG 12 BANKING. In what I think is one of the best articles to come out of CF in a while, Chris Williams explains what the Big 12 Conference is hoping for down the road.

CHANGE IS COMING. Randy Pete dives into more conference expansion details.

WHAT IF? Bill Connelly takes a shot at predicting what will happen if the Big 12 went away. According to his predictions, Iowa State ISN’T the one getting the short end of the deal.

Iowa State Wrestling

TERRIFIC TRIO. The Cyclone grapplers are led by three returning All-Americans.

IT’S GO-TIME. It’s time to contend, says the wrestling team.

MOAR WRASTLIN’. Here’s the Iowa State Daily’s article from media day.

Around the Country

THE CURSE IS REAL? It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, but the Cubs went down 2-1 to the Dodgers in the NLCS last night after losing 6-0.

STILL HOPE? Here’s the recent history of 2-1 leads in the LCS.

NO HOPE AT ALL? Here’s a few Cyclone/Cubs fans breaking down. You guys are the best.

NOSTRAMARNUS. From the guy who’s uber-accurately predicted Iowa State running the table in our “Envisioning a ____ Season for Iowa State Football” series came this gem of a prediction, which ended up being half correct.

11 REMAINING. There’s just 11 undefeated teams left in college football. So how good are each of them?

BEWARE, NBA. The Warriors are turning Kevin Durant into a more complete player.

GRUMPY BILL. Bill Belichick does NOT like the NFL’s tablets.

3-WAY TIE! This is what happens when 3 contestants tie on the big wheel spin on The Price Is Right.

LOOKS PRETTY EASY. A powerlifter set a new world record with a 1,005-pound squat. Coincidentally, he made the same face that many of you are making right now as you’re reading the MMD while taking your mid-morning dump.

GAMERS REJOICE. The new Assassin’s Creed movie trailer is out.