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Culture Change: Fans are a part of it

Fans are a part of this change as much as the team.

Baylor v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

The first five weeks of the season have brought a wide range of emotions. All the way from complete frustration, to hey, we are actually getting better and the future looks bright!

The future is bright indeed. Matt Campbell has talked about the process. Not only winning games, but building a foundation for continued success in Ames. Which, as we all know is a mountain of a task. That foundation is referred to him as culture.

Obviously the main focus in this change is the coaches and the players. But it just doesn’t include them. It includes us, the fans. We are very passionate about Iowa State, there is no doubt about that. We’ve also gone through many tough days, but you must know the better days are ahead, and we must give our Cyclone teams every ounce of energy we have. Young teams feed off the energy.

What is concerning to me is this photo I took at 10:50 a.m. yesterday. Ten minutes before kickoff.

If you are a recruit on a visit to Ames, would you want to see this? Would this sway your mindset to come and be a part of Iowa State University? As a high school senior, I sure as heck would want to see something special when you come on a visit. Not a concrete background. That said, we did end up with a decent crowd, and sure the 11 a.m. kickoff has something to do with it. My main point here is that first impressions are a driving force for many people’s decisions.

As a fellow fan, I ask of you all: Do not give up on this team and do not give up on showing up at Jack Trice Stadium. You may be sitting here and saying, ‘‘well random WRNL writer, I do show up week in and week out, no matter what.’’ I want this message to appeal to those who are on the fence about coming.

We all have heard it. “Well, we are just going to lose, so why go when I can see a massacre on TV?’’ Culture change is also about changing our attitudes. Winning will change everyone's, but we as fans need to dig deep, show up early and every week in Ames.

The record at the end of the year may not be something to write home about. But the stronger the support we show will certainly aid the culture change on the field for Matt Campbell and his staff.