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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cubs One Away

Cubs are one win away and Wigginton commits!

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Iowa State Football

ROAD TRIP! Hey, the good people of CycloneFanatic are going to Lawrence on buses! If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

Iowa State Basketball

NOT RANKED. Iowa State was not ranked in the initial top 25 of the Coaches Poll.

WE’RE TALKING ABOUT DEFENSE. Defense hasn’t been a staple of Iowa State basketball in the past. That may change.

GOT HIM! 4-star guard Lindell Wigginton committed to Iowa State this morning!

Around The Country

CUBS ONE AWAY! The Cubs are one win away from the World Series after their game 5 win last night.

PACKERS ROLL. The Packers steamrolled the Bears last night. Which we all knew would probably happen.

WNBA CHAMPS! The Los Angeles Sparks topped the Minnesota Lynx to win the WNBA title. I am sure most of you knew it was on.

NBA PREDICTIONS. Got some NBA predictions, if you are totally into preseason talk.

NEBRASKA NO. 1! For most flawless locker room of course. What did you think it was? Athletics? Yeah okay.

WEDDING REGISTRY. Cleveland Indian fans dove into Ryan Merrit’s online wedding registry.