Cy Meets the Wizard, Part 1

Cy, our hero, is enjoying a crisp fall day on the Iowa State campus when…A STORM IS BREWING.

gyi0063875287.0.0.jpg There’s a cyclone coming! Is that supposed to be ironic? ‘Cause I’m a Cyclone, and that’s a cyclone too …oh no now I’ve gone cross-eyed.

Cy runs to a concession stand but it’s no use. The cyclone picks up the building. Cy opens the door inside the swirl. He sees a SINISTER FIGURE accompanied by equally SINISTER MUSIC. But then the concession stand lands and the figure is nowhere to be seen.

Cy exits the concession stand and sees a PURPLE FROG hopping around, clutching a single red rose.

CY: Hello, little frog. You look friendly. Can you help me?

FROG: Ribbit.

Cy sees a SILVER HEADSET on the ground. He picks it up.

CY: I wonder if I can find someone to carry this around for me.

A group of SMALL PEOPLE surround Cy.

CY: Don’t you bear a certain resemblance to certain characters in a certain movie?

SMALL PEOPLE: No, we’re the Estherville-Lincoln Central Midgets.

CY: Oh, carry on then.

A woman with a wand approaches Cy.

CY: Sherri Coale?

GOOD WITCH: I’m Candi, the Good Witch of the South.

CY: So, not Sherri Coale then.

GOOD WITCH: (frowns)

CY: Do you know what’s going on here?

GOOD WITCH: It's been so long since we've had visitors. Did the Wizard send you?

Just then, a different SINISTER FIGURE approaches in a cloud of smoke accompanied by more SINISTER MUSIC.

usa-today-8145547.0.0.jpg Who crushed my coach of the year?

CY: He tried to call timeout, but that didn’t work, and he must have thrown the headset free before

WICKED WARLOCK: Give me that headset.

The FROG rushes forward and squirts blood out of its eyes. The warlock steps back.

WICKED WARLOCK: I’ll get you my pretty…and your little frog too!


FROG: Ribbit.

GOOD WITCH: I think you need to see the Wizard. Follow this yellow concrete road. It goes near many of our realms. (She points.) Take this exit to get to the Wizard in the Little Apple. You will need exact change unless you have a K-Tag.


CY: If you say so. Come on, frog.

FROG: Ribbit.

TOMORROW: Cy meets some new friends

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