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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/24/16

What a nice, relaxing weekend!


Iowa State Football

ONLY ONE TD! Kansas State opens as a touchdown favorite over Iowa State.

Iowa State Basketball

OLD SCHOOL WORKS. Chris Williams talks about how old school recruiting worked for Steve Prohm to bring Lindell Wigginton to Ames.

Iowa State Wrestling

HALL’S SECOND SHOT. Given another year of eligibility, Earl Hall is looking to make his second senior season memorable.

Around The Country

THE CONFERENCE OF THE FUTURE. Brent Blum writes about the futuristic enhancements the Big 12 is bringing.

TEXAS CARES ABOUT BASKETBALL! Our friends over at Barking Carnival dropped a giant basketball guide if you want to throw money at them.

BURN IT DOWN, CHI-TOWN. Cubs fans celebrated the hell out of winning their first pennant in 4000 years.

NOT LEAPING. Inside the crazy block that led to Penn State pulling the massive upset on Ohio State.

TRIUMPHANT RETURNS? Both Kyle Schwarber and Danny Salazar could be back for the World Series.

GRONK IS IMMATURE. Rob Gronkowski is really good at football. He also still giggles about the number 69.

DICK HANDOFF. Kirk Cousins tried to hand off the football to his running back’s junk.

UGH. The brutal crappiness of a 6-6 tie in the NFL.

WHOA. This La Liga goal might be the sweetest goal you’ll ever see.

TOO EASY. When you have a 7’5 wingspan, pop-a-shot is pretty easy.

UNLESS IT’S THIS. Michigan hockey legend Mike Legg came back for the intermission contest and Michigan-ed a goal in from center ice.