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The Mid-Afternoon Dump: NBA is Back, World Series Begins

All of the sports things are happening right now.

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Iowa State Football

VAMPIRE LIVES MATTER. Check out Uncle Randy’s take on just how much Bill Snyder has meant to college football.

PRESSING PRESSER. Check out these important notes from Matt Campbell’s pre-Kansas State presser.

GETCHA TICKETS HERE! That’s right, we have tickets, and we are giving them away!

REJUVENATED, AND IT FEEEEELS SO GOOD! The bye week was just what the doctor and the football gods ordered for the Cyclones.

Iowa State Basketball

THANKS BUT NO THANKS. Iowa State made NBC’s list of top 15 back courts, but they didn’t have high praise for anyone not named Monte Morris.

BIG 12 BASKETBALL MEDIA DAY. So many things happening this week. Let’s let Twitter take us back to recap today’s media action.

Prohm’s opening statement:

Can we get Prohm some pants that actually fit?

Take that scholarship to the bank.


Around The Country

WORLD I’M BEING SERIOUS. Either Cleveland or the Cubs are going to win the World Series. This is not a drill.

WS PREVIEW. Check out all the important match ups here.

THANK YOU MIKE LEACH. Mike Leach, a walking sound byte waiting to happen, bashed yuppie Cubs fans and it was fantastic.

BROCK WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Brock Osweiler probably should not have left Denver.

NFL POWER RANKINGS. We are almost half way through the NFL season, so where does your team stack up?

CUBS LINEUP JUST GOT HEAVIER. I mean that in more ways than one, as Kyle Schwarber has been added to the Cubs World Series roster.

WOAH. Arian Foster announced his retirement from the NFL yesterday.