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The Mid-Morning Dump: Oh No, The Cubs Suck Again!

Game 1 wasn’t pretty.

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Iowa State Football

DISCIPLINED OPPONENT. K-State is always disciplined and they’re led by an elusive QB in Jesse Ertz.

AWKWARDDD. Bob Bowlsby just so happens to disagree with Jamie Pollard’s assessment of the Big 12.

Iowa State Basketball

TAKEAWAYS. Big 12 media day was yesterday and the ISD has four takeaways.

NBA NIANG. Now that the preseason is over, Georges Niang’s NBA journey officially begins.

WE LOVE. THEY HATE. We love that Monte Morris is back for his senior season. Other Big 12 teams? Not so much.

MORE MORRIS PRAISE. Seriously, the Morris hype is building.

BUT DON’T FORGET MATT THOMAS. Who is somehow still unheralded.

PROHM RESPECT. Everyone thinks Steve Prohm is a great guy. Especially Texas Tech’s Chris Beard:

STARTING FIVE? Four starters are locked in. Who will be the fifth? And will there be some weird lineups?

Around the Country

CUBBIES KLUB’D. The Indians won game 1 of the World Series with authority in a 6-0 shutout.

GOT OBAMA THO. The President is backing the north siders in the WS.

THE KING IS AGELESS. LeBron James kicked off the 2016-17 season with a triple-double as the Cavs rolled the Knicks 117-88.

BUT THE WARRIORS... Weren’t as fortunate as the Cavaliers, as the new-look Dubs got throttled by the Spurs 129-100.

BLEW A 3-1 LEAD. The Cavs’ championship rings have a 3-1 lead reference on them.

IGUOFLOPPA. Andre Iguodala’s flop looked like he got attacked by a ghost.

NEVER CHANGE, POP. Tim Duncan is retired, but don’t tell that to Gregg Popovich.

SAGER STRONG. The Warriors and Spurs showed love for Craig Sager by dressing like him.

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? East Tennessee State players hit back-to-back half court shots to win free tuition for two students.