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Tailgate Preview: Farmageddon

We most certainly farm better — tailgating isn’t even close.

Tailgating season is flying by! As you know, before every home football game, WRNL will toss you a lovely bone called the “Tailgate Preview”. Dishing out weekly nuggets on what may blow your tailgate neighbor right out of the lot. I mean, who doesn’t love a good tailgate?

We are going to focus on the weather, food, drink, game and even a weekly song to spice things up a bit! No tailgate is complete without some awkward dancing done by a random passerby to your favorite song. If we can’t win a game, we might as well tailgate better than anyone out there!

We are halfway through the tailgating season and the purple Jayhawks are in town for the annual Farmageddon battle. Let’s get our morning tailgate on once again.

Weather: Warm and Partly Cloudy

The forecast is calling for a high of 70 degrees and a northeast wind of 12 mph. At prime tailgating time, the temperature will be sitting in the upper 50’s. So it’s looking to be a nice Saturday to get out and have a little booze and some food.

Enjoy this now, Cyclone fans — the cold weather is on the way! The day is going to be great and it certainly will make our drink of the week go down smoothly.

Drink: Screwdriver

Heck, we have all been here. The good ol’ screwdriver. There is no real way to make this in my eyes. Little bit of orange juice and a bunch of vodka works for me. If you want to make it to portion, here is a recipe.

You can’t go wrong with orange juice in the morning — unless you just brushed your teeth. But I don’t expect you to be guzzling down vodka and tending to those pearly whites unless you brush your teeth with it, which is cool too. No judging here.

Screwdrivers are easy to go down, easy to make and will get you primed and ready for potential chaos inside Jack Trice Stadium. You may need it at the rate we are going. With that said, bring plenty of vodka, because you never know what kind of misery we may need to forget after the game — or on the flip side — what kind of party you may need to have!

Food: Ultimate Tailgate Breakfast Sandwiches

These things look amazing! They’re also easy to prep and get ready in the morning. Prep the night before and stick in a tinfoil pan for heating on the grill right away in the morning. If you haven’t noticed the trend from the previous morning tailgates, I am all about prepping the night before and making it easy in the morning. You are already strapped for precious drinking time, so why stress it out even more?

Obviously you can tailor these sandwiches the way you like. Seems likes there’s no real wrong way of doing them, unless you forget the eggs. Can’t you just picture chowing down on one of these suckers and drinking a nice alcoholic beverage to gush it on down? Sounds like a good morning to me.

Game: Ladder Golf

It is time to get more precise with your tosses, people! You have had a few tailgates to warm up for some Ladder Golf (or toss). Much like our last game corn hole, you really don’t need to take up the entire lot with this gem. However, you still need a decent amount of space.

The first to 21 wins in ladder golf. If you don’t win, well, it looks like you’re going to have to take a shot of vodka. No using orange juice as a chaser either — you lost, so take the deliciousness that is vodka in stride.

For those of you who have never played or need a refresher, here are some rules. The number one rule is to have your drink in your hand to keep your balance!

Songs of the Week:

Rain is a Good Thing - Luke Bryan

1812 Overture - Bill Snyder #1 iPod Hit

Seeing the year 1812 in a song brings back childhood memories for Coach Snyder.