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The Mid-Morning Dump: Friday of Homecoming Edition

Who wouldn’t want to wait in line at a bar at 5:30 a.m.?


Iowa State Football

WE OWN HOME. The Cyclones are looking for their 3rd straight homecoming win. A win certainly helps the partying!

PAST K-STATE BLUNDERS. It’s time to beat K-state and look past our previous mishaps.

PREDICTION. Per usual, we have a prediction for you!

OKLAHOMA PARKING. If you need to know about parking changes for the Oklahoma game, well listen up!

DON’T TALK ABOUT WINNING. Iowa State hasn’t talked about winning behind closed doors.

Around The Country

JAGS JERSEYS, NOT GOOD. The Jaguars looked like a bunch of mustard bottles last night, then got beat by the Titans.

DWYANE WADEEEEE. Hoiberg gave Dwyane Wade some 3pt magic because for some reason he can now hit them. Including one to ice the game last night.

DITCH CLASS. An Indians fan ditched class to attend the World Series, the professor had the best response.

NO OUTFIELD. Kyle Schwarber will be limited to pinch hitting only for the World Series games at Wrigley.

LINEMEN CAN SCORE TOO. Pitt ran a reverse to a lineman last night and it was glorious.

WRIGLEYVILLE BARS. 5:30 am this morning, this is the line waiting for the Cubby Bear bar across from Wrigley to open.

START OR SIT. Here is who to start or sit for this week in fantasy football.