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WRNL Interrogates: Bring On The Cats

Farmageddon Q&A coming your way.

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Gather ‘round friends. It’s time for another edition of “WRNL Interrogates.” This week, Jon Morse from SB Nation’s Kansas State blog, Bring on the Cats, is here to dish on our purple friends to the southwest.

Let’s get this started.

Kevin: It's a new year, but from an outsider, this K-State team seems very similar to teams from prior years: efficient on both sides of the ball and doesn't beat themselves. Can you tell me what, if anything, is different about the Wildcats this season?

Jon: Experience, mostly. Not only actual on-field experience, but consider that the Cats have a starting quarterback who's got four years of time in the program thanks to his redshirt and missing all of last year on a medical, but is technically only in his second year of eligibility. Most of the receivers have had a year to cook, as have the top three options at running back. Seven of the guys on defense have actually been together as a unit for three years now, and a eighth started last year. Two of the other three guys are already worthy of attention as freshmen (Reggie Walker and Trey Dishon).

So yeah, last year's team was woefully inexperienced; this year's team isn't.

Kevin: There's been rumblings that portions of your fan base think Bill Snyder needs to go. Do those people have a case, or is that crazy considering what The Wizard has done for your program?

Jon: I do not agree with them, but they have a case.

Look, at a certain point every coach has to go. That's the problem with mortality. And if and when that time comes, what they've accomplished in the past doesn't help the future.

The real issue with Snyder is not that he needs to go now. The real issue is that there's no indication that there's a concrete succession plan. Now, maybe there's an "understanding" with Brent Venables that when Snyder's ready to go, he'll come home. Maybe Sean Snyder's really been running the show for three years, and we'll have that bomb dropped on us. The problem is that we don't know the plan, many of us don't like what Bill would like the plan to be, and as a result there's friction and turmoil.

Kevin: If you were game planning against Kansas State, how would you attack them on offense and how would you slow them down on defense?

Jon: Offensively, your best bet against K-State is deep plays. The Wildcats play bend-don't-break for a reason; they're not that fast, but they're schemed so well that they'll just keep you from getting behind them unless you can simply outdo them physically.

On defense, shut down the run and the short passing game and go have a beer.

Kevin: I know it's still quite a ways away, but do you have any notable thoughts on conference realignment as a fan of a program that's fairly similar to Iowa State? Anything you hope to see happen? Anything you're dreading the thought of?

Jon: I'm terrified that the schools in the American will be so mad at us after making them do that dog-and-pony show all summer that they'll tell us to screw off and go to the Mountain West. As for hope... well, I hope K-State lands in one of the big four somehow, but with so few television sets and the stigma of being the ag school as compared to the school with the law school and med school, that's a longshot.

Kevin: Iowa State has come so close only to make critical(ly hilarious and downright terrible) mistakes in recent efforts against K-State. But coming off a bye week, the Cyclones have had extra time to prepare and get healthy. Do you see K-State continuing their string of dominance against ISU, or will Matt Campbell and co. get a Farmageddon win?

Jon: I always assume that K-State will beat Iowa State, because, well, K-State always beats Iowa State. However, at the same time I am always terrified of playing Iowa State, especially in Ames... because even though K-State always wins, the Clones always make it far too interesting. And now here you guys are making teams like Baylor pee themselves, and I may have to see if I know anyone with some nitroglycerin tablets.

Kevin: BONUS QUESTION — I know you're a little more "experienced" than most people who we ask this question, but it must be asked in honor of WRNL tradition. FMK: Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson. GO.

What are you trying to say, Kevin? Huh? HUH?

FMK, in the order you mentioned. J-Law is just too sweet, and Watson frightens me.

NOOOOOO. Jon, I had high hopes for you for that last question, but yet another blogging peer has let me down. #TeamDontKillEmma

Good luck to Kansas State today, but not too much luck. We need some of that to beat you guys, it seems.