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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/3/16

If only games were 3 quarters long.

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Iowa State Football

MOMENTUM KILLER. The lack of offsides penalty seemed to take the wind out of the Cyclones sails.

FOLDING UNDER PRESSURE. The fourth quarter is usually clutch time. Iowa State was not.

NOT A TYPICAL LOSS. Rob Gray writes that despite the pain, it was a promising Saturday.

FAIR TREATMENT? After Troy Davis was arrested for public intox over the weekend, Randy Peterson waxes on it.

SAME LINE NEXT WEEK. Iowa State opens up as a 16.5 point underdog to Oklahoma State.

Iowa State Basketball


Around The Country

I THOUGHT THIS ONLY HAPPENED IN AMES? Iowa fans were quite displeased at the refs on Saturday.

ORGERON’S INCREDIBLE DEBUT? How do you make a case to be the full time coach? Have your team put up an SEC record number of yards in your first game.

FAT KICKER PROBLEMS. Turned out everyone is gunning for you when you’re famous.

DID HE STILL GET IT SIGNED THOUGH? A fan tossed a helmet at Jerry Jones to sign. It probably gave him a concussion.

ONE MAN WRECKING CREW. Julio Jones had an insane day against the Panthers.

BILL’S NO GOOD TERRIBLE DAY. Bill Belichick wasn’t happy, so he smashed a tablet.

MUCH SAVES. SO WOW. This French goalkeeper made three ridiculous saves in a row.

JUST FYI, JON LESTER ISN’T LESTER HOLT. So stop tweeting at him.