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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/31/16

EXTRA EXTRA: Chicago Hasn’t Burned Down Yet!


Iowa State Football

DOWNING UP FOR RAY GUY. Colin Downing is on the Ray Guy award watch list.

HEY, A COMMIT! DE Dan Sichterman from Ohio flipped from Ball State to Iowa State.

NOT ENOUGH. The big onside kick recovery wasn’t enough to change Iowa State’s overall fortunes.

CLARITY. The loss to Kansas State gave the two QBs more defined roles in the offense.

WHERE’S MIKE? Mike Warren had only 6 carries on Saturday. What’s the deal?

Iowa State Basketball

STAYING WITH US IS ENCOURAGING NOW! Iowa State is now good enough that only losing by 9 is a positive sign in Nebraska.

Around The Country

BIG 12 WRECKING CREW. The Foreman brothers destroyed the Big 12’s playoff hopes with an upset of Baylor.

FLYING DILDOS! Somebody tossed a dildo on the field during Patriots-Bills in Buffalo.

PARTY ON. Chicago is finally getting a World Series party they’ve waited for.

KYRIE RANGER. LeBron had a Halloween party, and Kyrie Irving’s Power Rangers outfit outdid them all.

T-REX CHEERLEADER. One Broncos dance team member went all out for Halloween.

WHAT IN THE HELL? The Oakland A’s and... Smash Mouth??? got into a Twitter fight.

METTA WORLD DIDDLED. The artist formerly known as Ron Artest claims he was inappropriately Trumped by a ghost at a haunted hotel.

15 YARDS FOR HUGGING. Earl Thomas just wants to show the refs some love.

AND BIG 12 REFS WEREN’T EVEN INVOLVED. The final 37 seconds of this high school game took 17 minutes.

VALID EXCUSE, UNTIL YOU REMEMBER HOW MUCH MONEY HE MAKES. Dwyane Wade used his NBA fine as an excuse not to buy Gabrielle Union a gift.

VEISHEA COPS WOULD BE PROUD. This under-21 tailgate at Florida-Georgia had a lot of booze.