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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones on the Up and Up, Clowns are Creepy

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Iowa State Football

NOTES NOTES NOTES. Matt Campbell had a press conference on Monday, and we have notes about it.

POSITIVITY, WHAT IS THAT? Check out this article addressing what all Cyclone fans are wondering... Are the ‘Clones that far away from being respectable?

THE CYCLONES ARE SO CLOSE... Continuing that trend, check out this nice piece from Jeff Woody discussing just how close the Cyclones were (and are).

“BECAUSE OF YOU, I NEVER STRAYYYY TOOOO FAR FROM THE BLEACH”. (Be sure to read that headline in a Reba sing-song voice). The Cyclones need to shed their physiological baggage, and they’re working on it.

HAMMER TO START, ARM TO PLAY. Joel Lanning is still the starter for this weekend’s game against the Cowpokes, but expect Jacob Park to play as well.

SIGNS OF LIFE FOR THE OFFENSE? That’s right! It appears the Cyclone offense is starting to put it together.

Iowa State Basketball

LADY CLONES READY FOR BOUNCE BACK SEASON. Last season did not go as planned, but the Cyclones are hoping for a bounce-back season.

TIP OFF TOURNAMENT FOR THE CYCLONES? The Cyclones are reportedly playing in next year’s Puerto Rico Tip-Off.

COULD CARTER CONTRIBUTE? Simeon Carter saw limited action last year, but his athleticism is hard to ignore. Could he have an impact on the court this winter?

Around The Country

SKOLLLLLL. The Minnesota Vikings are good, folks. They beat the New York Football Giants last night by a score of 24-10.

OBJ had 23 yards on 3 receptions on the night...

NFL WEEK 5 PICKS. Week four is over, on to week 5 we go!

HOT TAEKS. These are of the fantasy football variety. You will enjoy them.

MY MARIA, DON’T YOU KNOW YOU MADE A BIG BIG MISTAKE. (Once again, sing this title Brooks and Dunn Style). Maria Sharapova was suspended for violating anti-doping rules (common place in Russia I guess), but got her suspension reduced.

OCTOBER THINGS ARE HERE. They say you can’t script October, but these guys tried apparently. Get your MLB playoff predictions here!

MONEY MONEY MONEY! Ever wondered who the richest sports team owners are? Here’s a handy list!

WOBTOBER. If you don’t follow Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob), you probably should. He is doing “WOBTOBER”, where he previews each NBA team. When I say preview, I mean he makes rap videos.

CLOWNS. WHY? The trend of clowns popping up all over the country is disturbing, and has now spread to college campuses.

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