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Betting the Big 12: Week 6

Trust. The. Process.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Week 5 Summary

This week accurately shows why it is so damn hard to win money by betting on sports. The "juice" is a factor that most casual bettors don't think about and honestly if you are only betting on one game it isn't the difference between a win or loss. When you go 5-5 though as we did last week, it unfortunately turns into a losing week. The good news is that we are due!

Pick Wager W/L
Tech -28.5 $33 $30
Tech OVER 80 $33 -$33
ISU +17 $22 $20
ISU OVER 60 $44 $40
Texas +150 $30 -$30
Texas OVER 71.5 $22 $20
West Virginia -3.5 $44 -$44
WVU OVER 54 $33 -$33
Oklahoma -3.5 $33 $30
Oklahoma UNDER 69.5 $33 -$33
Total $327 -$33

Week 5: 5-5

Season: 23-24

Bankroll: $ 884

TCU (3-2) @ Kansas (1-3)

Saturday, 11 AM, ESPNU

Line: TCU -29

O/U: 63.5

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

23-17. 34-30. 27-17.

Those are the scores of the last three gigantic mismatches in this football "rivalry." It is safe to say Kansas has made Gary Patterson sweat the last few seasons, but then again Gary Patterson sweats reading the paper in the morning.

Past results don’t predict future performances, they say. Trends even out over time, they say. I say they can be right some other time. TCU has continued to underwhelm me and Kansas is coming off an "encouraging" 36-point loss at Texas Tech.

Gary’s towel girl will surely get her 10,000 steps in on Saturday in an ugly showdown only to be seen by the faint of heart on ESPNU. If you are watching this one for more than four hours, call a doctor.

The Picks: Kansas +29, UNDER 63.5

The Bets: $33, $22

Texas (2-2) @ Oklahoma (2-2)

Saturday, 11 AM, FS1

Line: Oklahoma -10.5

O/U: 73.5

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Holy Guacamole Balls. Crunchy Fried Oinkers. Lollipop Fried Bacon Wrapped Quail Breast on a Stick.

These are just a few of the things Texans are chomping at the bit to put in their mouth at the Texas State Fair. For the first time in a while they will welcome back the "Battle of Mediocrity" Saturday morning at the Cotton Bowl. It is a fan favorite as thousands gather in the crumbling stadium to see who sucks less.

They say in rivalry games you can throw everything out the window. Might we see a coach thrown out the window after a loss? Maybe. Will Charlie Strong be left alone with the 1,257 pound steer that won the prized award for "Big Ass Steer" during the 2015 state fair? We just might.

The fair apparently has many walls. Great walls and borders. Yet, there is freaking taco stand on seemingly every corner. Maybe the two aren’t mutually exclusive, Donald.

As for the game, you can expect anything that makes sense to not make sense. Up is down. Left is right. Strong is weak. For that reason we are going to take the points, and hammer the over because both teams are apathetic toward defense.

The Picks: Texas +10.5, OVER 73.5

The Bets: $33, $55

Iowa State (1-4) @ Oklahoma State (3-2)

Saturday, 2:30 PM, ESPNU

Line: Oklahoma State -17

O/U: 66

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Trust. The. Process.

I really hope the "the process" turns out better than Sam Hinkie’s process with the Philadelphia 76ers, but if last Saturday was any indication, the team is headed in the right direction. At the very least, we can be happy our coach doesn’t sport a damn mullet.

Matt Campbell is 36 years old. He’s a man. Let’s hope he doesn’t feel the need to remind us of these things four years from now.

Saturday was quite possibly the most physical I have seen an Iowa State football team play in a long, long time. The game was at home. Can they bring that smashmouth style down to Stillwater? Oklahoma State’s rush defense will give Warren and company some holes to run through. Iowa State’s rush defense will do the same for Oklahoma State. I mean, its only fair.

Iowa State continues to score at a high clip, while keeping it close with the Cowboys.

The Picks: Iowa State +17, OVER 66

The Bets: $33, $55

Texas Tech (3-1) @ Kansas State (2-2)

Saturday, 6 PM, ESPNU

Line: Kansas State -7.5

O/U: 70.5

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Old school vs new school. Air raid vs whatever it is that Kansas State calls offense. Twitter vs handwritten notes. This is truly a clash of styles in all respects.

Bill Snyder will sport his Fiesta Bowl pullover because that's just what he does. Kingsbury will wear sunglasses at night because, well, his future’s just so bright he needs shades.

As for the football, it will be interesting to see whether Kansas State gets into a shootout with the Red Raiders. Patrick Mahomes left last week’s game early with a shoulder issue. His replacement, Nic Shimonek, looked quite capable while throwing four touchdowns in relief. Shimonek is actually a transfer for the University of Iowa. Smart call Nic, smart call.

Texas Tech’s defense is just atrocious. I’m not sure that Kansas State can take advantage of it enough to go over the total. We are going with Tech to keep it within a touchdown. We’ll also look for both teams to score less than Vegas predicts.

The Picks: Texas Tech +7.5, UNDER 70.5

The Bets: $33 each

Week 6 Summary

With only four games on the docket, we will try to get to 5-3 or better to get back in the win column. I think we can all agree that losing money is a lot less awful though when Iowa State is playing well on the football field. Here are this week’s picks.

Pick Wager
Kansas +29 $33
Kansas UNDER 63.5 $22
Texas +10.5 $33
Texas OVER 73.5 $55
Iowa State +17.5 $33
ISU OVER 66 $55
Texas Tech +7.5 $33
Texas Tech UNDER 70.5 $33
Total $297