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The Mid Morning Dump - Niang, Hoiberg, Monte, Oh My!

Niang takes round one over Hoiberg and Monte gets recognized

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Iowa State Football

FRESHMEAT. Iowa State has a large group of freshman that are making a major impact in their maiden voyage.

TREVOR RYEN DA REAL MVP. Randy Peterson make a case for Trevor Ryen as the MVP for Iowa State Football.

IOWA BEEF. Campbell and his staff are making an instate lineman from Creston a top priority in the 2018 class.

WHO WINS? If you are looking for an in depth preview, check out ours by jwillyISU, in case you missed it.

Iowa State Men’s Basketball

MONTE POY. Our very own Monte Morris was named preseason Big 12 player of the year.

3SUS HAS RIS3N. Naz Long is back and fully healthy this time around, and he is looking for a big year.

ESPN TOP 25. Iowa State landed on ESPN’s not so early top 25 list yesterday.

NIANG TOPS HOIBERG. In a preseason battle, Niang’s Pacers overtook Hoiberg and the Bulls.

Around The Country

NFL THURSDAY. The Cardinals topped the 49ners last night behind David Johnson’s big night.

CLEVELAND ROCKS. The Indians took game one last night from the Red Sox. Will Cleveland take another title?

FRENCH BASEBALL. French baseball announcer goes nuts for a Blue Jays Home Run during their win yesterday.

HURRICANE MATTHEW. Games are now being postponed without possible chances to reschedule.

HAIR PLUGS? Anyone know these were a thing? Joe Buck apparently did.

CBA AGREEMENT. The NBA and NBAPA are trying to get a new deal before the buyout comes up.

HIGH FIVE. The Suns are going to keep track of how many times players high five, for science.