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The Mid-Morning Dump: Basketball Eve Edition

College. Basketball. BACK. (almost)

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Iowa State Football

LAZARD’S FUTURE. Matt Campbell thinks Allen Lazard could be one of the best players in college football if he returns to Ames next season.

STOP THE STREAK. It’s been three years since Iowa State has won a Big 12 conference road game, here’s a look at how Matt Campbell plans to break that streak.

Iowa State Basketball

SIGNING DAY. If you’d like a closer look at the three recruits that Coach Prohm inked yesterday, you can do your homework and see some photoshops here.

BEST AND BRIGHTEST. Take a look at just how Coach Prohm landed the best recruiting class in the internet era in Iowa State history.

IT COULD GET BETTER TOO. Eric Bossi writes, that the Cyclones look like the favorites for Isaiah Stokes and there’s a chance he could sign early.

OH, CANADA. There’s something about Canada and Iowa State Basketball, and we’re not mad about it at all.

OUR FAVORITE TROLL. Just when you thought you really hated Seth Davis, he goes and picks ISU to the Final Four.

MINNESOTA NICE. Minnesota has been a fertile recruiting ground for Iowa State Women’s Hoops, and Bill Fennelly continued the trend by signing the state’s 2-top prospects yesterday.

Around the Country

YOU TOO, COULD PLAY IN THE NBA. Players like Joakim Noah last in the league for decades, which gives hope to everyone with a ball and a dream.

BUT JAMES HARDEN IS BETTER THAN YOU. The Rockets beat the Spurs last night, and James Harden is making his case for league MVP Honors.

SPEAKING OF SCOUTING FOR THE NBA. Here’s a guide on how you can scout for the NBA while watching college basketball on your couch this season.

MACTION. There were a couple Maction games last night, including Matt Campbell’s old squad beating NIU for the first time since 2009.

FIRE EVERYONE. The Vikings offense is terrible, everyone is to blame, and the Vikings may never win again.