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The Mid-Morning Dump: Basketball is Back!

Happy Veterans Day to all you vets out there!

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Iowa State Football

DON’T OVERLOOK THEM! The Cyclones aren’t going to overlook this powerhouse Kansas squad.

PREDICTION. Who wins? Easy, we always know that.

TIME TO FLEE THE CELLAR. Both Iowa State and Kansas face similar challenges in the Big 12 for football.

Iowa State Basketball

BASKETBALL IS BACK! Basketball is back, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

SEASON PREVIEW. CW and Blum preview the upcoming basketball season on this podcast.

MIZZOU GAME IS BACK. Iowa State and Missouri will resume their rivalry starting in 2017. Will be played in Ames in 2018.

Around The Country

WADE COMES HOME. Dwyane Wade returned to Miami last night as a Bull and won.

BROWNS ARE NOT GOOD. The Browns are now 0-10 and are about as disappointing as this year’s Hawkeye football team.

COLLEGE HOOPS. Again, college hoops are back and it is awesome.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY. Most importantly, from us here at WRNL. Happy Veterans day, we can not thank you enough for all your service!

SOLDIERS SURPRISE FAMILIES. This is always a great video to watch.

MCGREGOR IS ANGRY. McGregor and Alvarez got into a little scuffle at their press conference yesterday.

WEEK 10 PICKS. If you are searching for some help on your NFL picks this week, look no further.