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Hallelujah — it’s basketball season, folks!

To celebrate the 2016-17 basketball season, the WRNL staff got together and decided a new T-shirt was in order. After some proposals and going back to the drawing board, internet wizard/graphic designing genius graphikdeCYner designed the shirt below. We think you’ll love it.

Presenting the WRNL “BALL3LUJAH” T-shirt!

We’re Making a Donation to Charity

The 2016-17 season marks the return of a certain player we adore here at WRNL. He has a penchant for hitting crucial game-tying 3-pointers and being an all-around savior. It’s only appropriate if we honor this further in T-shirt form.

As many of you know, this isn’t the first T-shirt we’ve made in this fashion. The “NEVER STOP BELI3VING” T-shirts were made closer to when our 3-point savior broke onto the scene.

We’re excited to announce that for all of the “NEVER STOP BELI3VING” shirts we’ve sold over the past couple years, plus any of the new “BALL3LUJAH” shirts we sell going forward, we’ll be donating our portion of the proceeds to a charity chosen by 3sus following his graduation. It’s the least we can do for all of the joy that he’s brought us during his time at Iowa State.

So if you want in on a great-looking T-shirt and want to add to the amount of our donation to charity, head to Gameday Depot to get your shirt today!

Here’s hoping 3sus adds to his legacy in his final season in Ames.