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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Sloppily Climb Over the Mount

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win.

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Iowa State Football

HIDE YO’ KIDS, HIDE EVERYONE BUT LAZARD. The only player who has a secure roster spot next fall is Allen Lazard, according to Uncle Randy.

CMC PRESSER. Check out what Coach Matt Campbell had to say about Saturday’s game as well as his thoughts on Tacos.

CAMPOS COMEBACK. Well, he won’t be returning this season, but is progressing well enough to hopefully participate in spring practice.

HARGER’S HELPING HAND. It’s easy to tune out coaches, but its Harger to tune out a hard working walk-on.

Iowa State Basketball

ELIJAH LONG > NAZ LONG? While that isn’t true at all, it kinda was last night. Regardless, the Cyclones won on an emotional night.

2-0 BABY. Getting the win is the important thing, and the Cyclones are now 2-0 (and Kansas is 0-1).

PROHM, YOUR SHOT CHART, WOOF. Though the Cyclones looked good defensively, there was plenty of bad offense last night.

PANTHERHAWKS COMING TO HILTON. The lady Pantherhawks are set to invade Hilton in what promises to be a tough non-conference test for the Lady Clones.

Around The Country

GETTING CLOSER! The Cyclones are getting closer to climbing out of the Bottom 25. Kansas, however, is not.

NFL WEEK 11 PICKS. What on earth happened to the NFC North?

THIS IS MAYBE A BIT MUCH. This guy composed his wedding vows entirely out of sports references.

SIMMONS SILENCED. HBO has cancelled Bill Simmons’ show due to horrible ratings.

OH and on top of that, he got murdered by Chris Collinsworth on Twitter.

THE BEST TEAM IN THE NBA... Is in California but doesn’t have Steph Curry on the roster.

WHO’S IN? The CFP rankings are a mess. Can we just hand the title to Bama now and spare us the boring January bowl games?

QUIDDITCH PREMIERE LEAGUE? Yep, this is a thing that is happening.