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Who Is Week 12’s Player To Watch?

Can I just pick the entire offenses of both teams?

NCAA Football: Baylor at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

You know how people always say, “I don’t mean to brag, but...”? Well, that is a bunch of bull. People love to brag. So, I’m going to brag. Picking one player to watch each week has proved to be a much more difficult task than I thought it would be. There are a ton of options each week, and it’s tough to pinpoint just one who will have a good week.

For most of this season, I have failed. But, I nailed it last week with David Montgomery having a breakout week (although, I think plenty of people saw that coming with his carries going up). A win's a win!

That brings me to this week, where I try to win back-to-back weeks just like the Clones will try to do. This week is honestly something of a toss up. Texas Tech is a slight favorite and will probably throw for about a zillion yards this week.

Fortunately, Texas Tech is about as bad at defense as it is good at offense. The Red Raiders give up over 40 points a game, have given up more yards than anyone in the country (541 per game), and are equally bad against the pass and rush. That means pretty much everyone on Iowa State’s offense has a chance to have a big game. In fact, it’s likely that multiple Cyclones will have a big game. Can I just pick the entire offenses of both teams as this week’s player to watch?

Texas Tech will put up a lot of points, and Iowa State will have plenty of chances to score on what just might be the worst defense in the country. Jacob Park should sling it all over the field, David Montgomery should run for days, and Allen Lazard should get plenty of opportunities.

I don’t want to take one of those guys. The obvious picks are too boring. Give me Deshaunte Jones to have his best game as a Cyclone this week. He is tied with Lazard for most receiving TDs (6), second on the team in receiving yards (395), and third in receptions (29).

Against a horrible defense, I’d expect plenty of players to have good games, but I think Jones has a chance to breakout for a career day.