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The Mid-Morning Dump: The morning after Drake night

“I don’t give a damn about no damn Drake night” - Kevin Durant

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Iowa State Football

WE’VE BEEN T-RYEN TO TELL YOU. Yesterday, you read about how former walk on Trever Ryen has become a special teams star, but he’s also a vital part of the offense.

HEACOCK, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Sure, fans can expect Iowa State to have some success against the Texas Tech defense, but what the hell are the Cyclones going to do to stop Pat Mahomes?

RERUN OF THE RUN. Cyclones dot TV recently re-aired the Iowa State vs. Texas Tech game in Ames featuring ‘The Run’. Brent Blum relives the broadcast.

YOUTH OF THE NATION. A couple of 2017 Cyclone football recruits are squaring off in the Class 4-A Championship Game tomorrow night, and the future of Cyclone Nation looks bright.

Iowa State Basketball

HE’S GOT THE JACK. Fans had lofty expectations for JUCO point guard Donovan Jackson as he made his way to Ames, but it’s been a slow start. How about we let his wrist fully heal before wringing our hands?

SEVEN ATE NINE. The Cyclones have shown the potential thus far to have a nine man rotation, but as the season wears on, it will likely look more like seven, with eight and nine ready to go.

Around the Country

PROBABLY A FINE IN THE NFL. Devin Booker got ejected last night, but managed to put a fan first, which would likely be a fine in the No Fun League.

ALSO A POTENTIAL FINE. Unsportsmanlike conduct here from Russell Westbrook, dunking all over Clint Capella and his family - with his off hand.

BAY AREA BEEF. It seems Kevin Durant and Drake may have some beef based on their interaction last night as Durant helped the Warriors spoil ‘Drake Night’.

AMERIKENT STATE. Kent State players had fans join them on the court during the national anthem as a show of unity.

THE WORLDS GAME. In year 5 of the Jurgen Klinsmann era, it might just be the time for a change, and it’s not just about the most recent 4-0 loss.

KATE STAND UPTON FOR YOUR MAN. Justin Verlander was left off of two ballots for the AL Cy Young Award, and Kate Upton was not about to let Major League Baseball get away with such disrespect.

POWER RANKINGS. Finally, it looks like someone might challenge the Patriots.