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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mangino Eats

Mangino ate something other than a hamburger.

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Iowa State Football

MANGINO EATS HIS WORDS. Mangino was finally not bashing former players and took blame for some things at Iowa State.

BACK TO BACK. Iowa State is looking to string together back to back wins.

TACOS? Anyone need tacos? We got them here as well as a prediction.

JOST OPENS RECRUITMENT. Offensive Line commit Tyler Jost reopens his commitment after he was asked to grayshirt.

BIG RECRUITMENT WEEKEND. Campbell and his staff will need to put on the charm this weekend. A couple of 4-stars that can change the program big time will be in town.

DAY WITH CAMPBELL. ESPN went behind the scenes with coach Matt Campbell.

HE WAS IN!! Seneca brought back some tough feelings with this tweet.

Iowa State Basketball

PUERTO RICO! Iowa State will go to Puerto Rico next year for a basketball tournament and Tim Floyd is there too.

CITADEL IS GOING TO MOVE. Citadel is coming to town on Sunday and they like to get out and run.

Around The Country

HOIBULLS UPDATE. Hoiberg and the Bulls picked up another win against the Jazz last night.

MVP! Kris Bryant was named National League MVP.

PANTHERS SURVIVE. The Carolina Panthers took care of the Saints last night 23-20 and Luke Kuechly went down with an injury.

LOUISVILLE, SHE GONE. Houston took Louisville to the woodshed last night, all but ending their playoff hopes.

SENIOR PLAYER. A 55 year old man has two games left in the season to be able to play a college football game.

TEBOW IS BAD. Tim Tebow’s Arizona fall league performance is seriously going to put a damper on his big league hopes.

FANTASY ADVICE. If you need advice on your fantasy lineup, you're covered here.