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The Mid-Morning Dump: It All Comes Down to Game 7

Cubs. Indians. Game 7, tonight.

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Iowa State Football

FATHER FRANCIS. Be sure to read how Chris Francis’ father’s death inspires success in the ISU kicker.

OU PREVIEW. JwillyISU gets you primed for tomorrow night’s game against the Sooners.

Iowa State Basketball

RECRUIT THAT MAN. Iowa State made a good impression with JUCO forward Eden Ewing.

RAMP UP THE D. Following their “secret” scrimmage with Nebraska, ISU is focused on improving their defense.

UP AND DOWN. The Cyclone bigs are working on running from rim to rim.

Around the Country

SOBERING MATTER. In case you hadn’t heard, two metro police officers were shot and killed early this morning in an “ambush-like” attack. If you see this man, alert the authorities.

WINNER TAKE ALL. The Cubs beat the Indians last night to force game 7 in the World Series. It will be a painful affair for one side.

GRAND SALAMI. The Cubs’ win was fueled by a huge night at the plate from Addison Russell, which included this grand slam.

FIRST RANKINGS. Definitely no SEC-bias included in the first CFB Playoff rankings.......

REACTIONS. Staffers from the mothership react to the initial rankings.

HE LOVES BASKETBALL. Metta World Peace now shouts “I love basketball!” in the middle of his free throws.

TACOBAMA. The POTUS was so excited when he found out about free tacos at Taco Bell due to a base being stolen during the World Series.

GOOD AT DUNKING. This just in: Aaron Gordon can dunk.

TRUST THE PROCESS. The Sixers are really introducing him as Joel “The Process” Embiid.

EMOTIONS RUNNING WILD. A soccer player was arrested for climbing into the stands and kicking a fan.

EXTREME 3-YEAR-OLD. This little guy crashed his bike, but all he’s focused on is seeing the footage.