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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/21/16

Iowa State combined to put up 196 points this weekend. Is this real life?


Iowa State Football


STATEMENT GAME. Chris Williams calls this the statement game for Matt Campbell’s culture at Iowa State.

LAZARD IS A QUOTABLE MAN. Allen Lazard’s quip of “I don’t know if I scored more than 66 points in a high school basketball game” may be even better than his on-field production.

A TOUGHER OUT THAN BAYLOR. Big 12 blog says that going to Ames will be a tougher task than taking on Baylor at home for West Virginia.

7TH! Max Olson is very complimentary of Iowa State’s rebuild in his power rankings.

TWO TD UNDERDOG. Iowa State opens as a big underdog in their Riot Bowl finale.

Iowa State Basketball

NOT TO BE OUTDONE. Wanting to join in on scoring all the points, the basketball team put up 130 on The Citadel.

TRIPLES. What was Monte Morris thinking about while going for his triple double?

Around The Country

RHODES SCHOLAR-ATHLETE. TCU’s Caylin Moore was selected as a Rhodes Scholarship recipient.

THE BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IS DUMB. Once again, Bedlam would be played two weeks in a row.

IS HE OR ISN’T HE? Following a loss to KU(!!!!!), Texas is probably firing Charlie Strong.

12 MISSES. The NFL had a record 12 missed PATs this weekend.

GIVE ISUCFMB A CALL. The Redskins band played a horrible rendition of their fight song.

BORTLED. Blake Bortles threw an interception off his receiver’s foot.

THERE’S LIKE 9 GAMES OF FOOTAGE TO USE, AND YET... Fox is still using Sam Bradford’s head on other QB’s bodies.

“NOT WEIGHED DOWN AT ALL BY THAT I VOTED STICKER.” Oh, Scott Hanson and NFL RedZone channel, you’re the best.

HOCKEY IN A NUTSHELL. Take a slapshot to the face, gush blood on the ice, get stitches, return to score the game winning goal.

EQUAL PAY? 60 Minutes had an interesting segment on the US Women’s soccer team’s fight for equal pay. Whichever way you believe, it’s a good read/watch.