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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mexican Laser Football, Exploding Turkeys, and November Basketball

What a night.

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Iowa State Football

WHICH PLAYER DO THE SENIORS LIKE BEST? As Petey Jones would say: “Theeeee running backs, ya’ll”.

DID LANRAM GET THE SHAFT? Uncle Randy ponders this and contemplates many other crucially important thoughts.

WVU PREPARES FOR THE RIOT BOWL. Check out this article written from the enemy’s perspective on the Mountaineers preparing to take on the Cyclones.

SENIORS THANKFUL FOR CAMPBELL. It can be difficult for a coach to balance the present with the future, but ISU’s seniors think he has done just that.

Iowa State Basketball

TRUST THE PROCESS? The Cyclones are striving to improve on defense, and it is improving slowly but surely.

ABDEL NADER IS THAT MAN. The first year pro, who was drafted and stashed in the D-League by the Celtics, is absolutely dominating the developmental league.

ANOTHER ONE. Coach Bill Fennely added yet another 5 star prospect with the commitment of Iowa City’s (!!!) Ashley Joens.

What a weekend for Cyclone Athletics.

Around The Country

MID-DAY BASKETHOOPS! There is plenty of ‘hoops happening again today, with some games tipping off as early as 12:30! Check out the schedule here.

GEORGETOWN IS GEORGETOWN? For the second year in a row, no one knows if G-Town is good or not. They did beat #13 Oregon yesterday though.

OH-NOCONN. Remember when Kevin Ollie won a ‘Natty and guys like Jon Rothstein though he was the next coming of Coach K? Yea, no.

VANDERBILT YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. ISU’s opponent in the Big 12 - SEC Challenge dropped a game at HOME to Bucknell. Yikes.

ILLINOIS IS DOING IT WRONG TOO. They lost at home to a school that sounds like the name of that kid who always gets bloody noses and forgets his lunch money.

TEXAS IS BETTER THAN THIS, RIGHT? Northwestern crushed them last night.

RAIDERS WIN. Oakland stole a win away from the Houston Texans in Mexico.


Annnnnnnd the laser already has its own Twitter account.

TURKEY WEEKEND NFL PICKS. My upset pick of the week: My waistline losing 3 notches to my belt.

PLEASE DON’T FRY A FROZEN TURKEY. You cannot mess with science. It always wins.