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The Mid-Morning Dump: Shirtless Bill Walton and How to Make a Sandwich

You’ll say you don’t want to see it, but then you’ll watch anyway.

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Iowa State Football

SPARK. How Joel Lanning and Jacob Park helped unify ISU.

JACOB PARK: HEISMAN QB? Let’s just say the expectations Jacob Park has for himself are... High.

SLEEPING GIANT? Is Iowa State the next breakout team in the Big 12?

Iowa State Basketball

REAL TEST. The Cyclones have the chance to play two games against quality opponents in the Advocare Invitational.

SMALL WORLD. There will be a bunch of connections between Iowa State and Indiana State when they play on Thursday.

ANOTHER ONE. The Twister Sisters got another win — this time in blowout fashion over Savannah State.

Around the Country

NEWEST NHL TEAM. Introducing the Vegas Golden Knights, a new NHL expansion team.

NEWEST CFP RANKINGS. Here they are. And they make about as much sense as finding a cactus at the North Pole.

WHERE WE STAND. Need a primer on where all the college football conference races stand? Bill Connelly has you covered.

SHIRTLESS BILL WALTON! It doesn’t make much sense, but you’re still going to watch it.

GO CRAZY, FORT WAYNE. Fort Wayne beat Indiana in a real college basketball game and LOL HOOSIERS.

WON’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS. A Fort Wayne fan celebrated beating Indiana by drinking from a bleach bottle.

SELFISH, BUT EFFECTIVE. Nick Young stole a pass intended for a teammate, then buried a game-winning shot for the Lakers.

OBAMA SAVAGE. President Obama joked that Michael Jordan is more than just an internet meme when presenting him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

JUUUUUUST A BIT HIGH. This striker somehow missed the easiest goal in the dumbest way possible.

SPORTSGIVING. Planning on being bored tomorrow? Instead, turn Thanksgiving into a sport!

HOW TO MAKE A SANDWICH. I found this to be a very informative video.