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Betting the Big 12: Week 13

We look forward to “stuffing” our pockets with money again this week.

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Of all of the holidays, Thanksgiving is probably the most underrated. No gifts, just food, football and family. Ok, maybe the family part doesn’t excite all of you but if you are a sports fan it is a week that just keeps on giving. Football and basketball are both out in full force this week at the collegiate and professional levels. Chances are you have some time off to watch some of these games and dare I say put a friendly wager on one or two? If you want to win some extra cash or maybe win a bet so your cousin Eddy has to lick the toilet seat after Uncle George gets done depositing his turkey and stuffing then you’ve come to the right place.

Week 12 Recap

If you haven’t heard, Iowa State covered last 60 points. It turns out it was also a very profitable week for us here on Betting the Big 12. A record of 8-2 brought us some extra loot and got us back into the black on the year. With two weeks left there is no sense in going home even. Go big or go home.

Pick Wager W/L
KSU -2 $33 $30
UNDER 59 $33 -$33
OSU +4.5 $33 $30
OSU UNDER 71 $33 $30
ISU +4 $33 $30
ISU OVER 75 $33 $30
Kansas +24 $33 $30
KU OVER 63 $33 -$33
Oklahoma -4 $33 $30
OU OVER 66 $33 $30
Total $330 $174

Last Week: 8-2

Season: 59-49

Bankroll: $1022

TCU (5-5) @ Texas (5-6)

Friday, 2:30 PM,

Line: Texas -2.5

Texas is the turkey of the Big 12 Conference. Overrated year in and year out, turkey is firmly entrenched as the main course of Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, it does taste good occasionally (especially if your fry it), but no one gets hot and bothered over turkey. Yet, if you took the turkey out of Thanksgiving, the holiday would likely crumble.

TCU is a bit new to the conference but has been successful for a long time now. There were other teams that would have been better additions to the conference, but beggars couldn’t be choosers. The Horned Frogs are the creamed corn of Thanksgiving. Everyone really wanted sweet corn, or even whole kernel corn but your aunt brought creamed corn and now the rest of your plate is soggy and moist.

The Pick: Texas -2.5

The Bet: $99

Baylor (6-4) @ Texas Tech (4-7)

Friday, 5 PM, ESPN

Line: Baylor -5.5

Gizzards. Despicable, inedible, gizzards. Baylor is the Big 12 version of gizzards. They’ve always sucked except for those couple of years you ate them with ranch. No one else wants to even mention them at the Thanksgiving table and life would go on without them. Yet, they come with the turkey so here we are.

All offense and not much else, the Red Raiders are sexy, but lack substance. They can make a game fun to watch but that is about it. The Red Raiders are the gravy of the Big 12. Pour them on anything and it makes it a little more tasty, but would you eat gravy just by itself?

The Pick: Baylor -5.5

The Bet: $99

Kansas (2-9) @ Kansas State (6-4)

Saturday, 11 AM,

Line: Kansas State -26

What is the worst dish or side at your Thanksgiving dinner? That is Kansas. Maybe its the canned cranberry sauce that maintains its shape for days after exiting the can. Maybe its the vegetable tray that came without ranch. Kansas is by far the worst dish at dinner and its not even close. We don’t really want to spend much time on it because we aren’t going to eat it anyway.

Kansas State is consistent and seems to surprise people every year. As stuffing they fit in at Thanksgiving dinner but not really anywhere else. You always feel this is the year they won’t live up to the hype, but here they are again exceeding expectations. They aren’t flashy, but once again they were one of the better parts of the meal.

The Pick: Kansas +26

The Bet: $99

West Virginia (8-2) @ Iowa State (3-8)

Saturday, 2:30 PM, FS1

Line: West Virginia -10

There are always a couple of sides that make no sense sitting in the middle of a Thanksgiving spread. They might taste just fine, but they still don’t go with turkey and stuffing. For example you show up Thursday and you see Southwest Egg Rolls hanging out on the counter and you’re like "Who the fuck brought egg rolls to Thanksgiving?!" That’s West Virginia.

Our beloved Cyclones. We root for them year in and year out and no one else really knows why. The Cyclones are the green bean casserole of the Big 12. You know its not a popular opinion, but you secretly enjoy the green bean casserole. Occasionally someone else at the dinner table will comment on them, but the conversation quickly turns back to the turkey and ham. You wish they’d get more credit, but are just content they have a spot on the Thanksgiving table.

The Pick: Iowa State +10

The Bet: $110

Week 13 Recap

Due to some Thanksgiving week travel we had to make our picks before the totals came out. We went with four bets this week and put some strong money on each. Hopefully next week we can give thanks to another outstanding week in Betting the Big 12.

Pick Wager
Texas -2.5 $99
Baylor -5.5 $99
Kansas +26 $99
Iowa State +10 $110
Total $407