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Tailgate Preview: West Virginia

Riot Bowl is upon us, time to break out the leftover turkey.

The last tailgate of the season is upon us and Iowa State is coming off a big win last week. Meanwhile, we fans are coming off a big performance at the dinner table for Thanksgiving. Thus, I see no reason why we can’t make this our best tailgate yet. Your liver should be primed and ready to rock after some heavy Thanksgiving day drinking.

West Virginia comes to town trying to take the wind out of our sails. Turkey leftovers will be eaten, beer will be drank and reminiscing on a successful tailgating season will happen. So grab the grill and some booze — it’s time to tailgate.

Weather: Sunny and Windy, Warmer Than Last Week

What a difference a week can make. Last week we froze our private parts off, but this week has felt like early October. A high of 55 degrees is set for Saturday with wind out of the south at 15 mph with gusts reaching over 20. The warmers temps will definitely make things more fun than they were last week.

Does this forecast get you excited? It gets me excited too but don’t be as excited as the guy in the gif above. It’s a long off-season and you don’t want to spend half of it in a face cast.

Food: Turkey Bacon Ranch Sliders

Hey, you eating leftovers, put it down! Save it for Saturday as we whip out some turkey bacon ranch sliders. There’s no better way to use that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. These are real easy to make and can either be prepped the night before or that day at the tailgate. Toss them in a tin foil pan and on the grill to heat up, and away your taste buds go!

Need the recipe? We got you covered. Feel free to tailor them the way you want. I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t been this excited to use leftover turkey in a long time.

Drink: Beer

No reason to get crazy here. Everyone loves beer and it fits in well with the holiday weekend. You will need it for this week’s game.

Bring a bunch of cold ones and enjoy this final tailgate of the year.

Game: Shotgun Race

Ah screw it, let’s just get crazy.

You guys know how to do shotgun races.

Song Of The Week: For Those About to Rock

It has been a great year of tailgating. Let’s end this season with a bang and begin prepping for next year! See you next year for more tailgate previews!