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The Mid-Morning Dump: Get Your Money Back!

Hey Washington, go get your money back!

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Iowa State Football

TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED. Kamari Cotton Moya is no longer taking anything for granted.

NEED A PREDICTION? Our final game prediction of the year is here and it is good.

Iowa State Basketball

THAT WAS CLOSE! We snuck right past the Sycamores in the first game of the Advocare Invitational.

MIAMI UP NEXT. What you need to know on Iowa State’s next opponent.

SOLOMON IS OUT. Solomon Young will be out for the entire weekend with a hand injury.

BOWIE STARTING? Despite strong play, he is still a reserve. For now.

Around The Country

NFL RECAP. Lions, Cowboys and Steelers all win on Thanksgiving Day.

DEZ HATES NORMAN. The beef between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman is getting real.


PAT MCAFEE IS A LEGEND. About to drop two great videos of Pat Mcafee.

HERMAN TO LSU? Crazy that Cyclone fans wanted Tom Herman fired long ago.

NFL COACHES TO BE FIRED. Which NFL coach is most likely to be fired?