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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/28/16

Want to see a chill Black Friday? Go to Canada.

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Iowa State Football

LOADED BOX. TWSS? But seriously, Matt Campbell says Joel Lanning’s few snaps were due to West Virginia putting 8 in the box.

FINISHING 7TH. The Big 12 Blog’s power rankings have Iowa State at a solid 7th.

Iowa State Basketball

WEIRD TAKE, UNCLE RANDY. Deonte Burton was the focus of Randy Peterson’s take on Iowa State’s loss to Gonzaga.

THE GLIMPSE. Despite losing to Gonzaga yesterday, Iowa State offered a look at what could be when they finally get their chemistry together.

PLAYING WITHOUT MONTE. The team accomplished one important goal Friday in learning to play without their All-American.

Iowa State Volleyball

SWEEPIN’ SENIORS. Senior night was celebrated with a sweep of Oklahoma.

Around The Country

TOM’S BACK! Ex-offensive coordinator Tom Herman is back in the Big 12 as the head coach of Texas.

BAR IN. The Chiefs won Sunday Night Football on the loudest goalpost and in kick I’ve ever heard. Some players couldn’t even believe it went in.

STILL DEBATING. Was J.T. Barrett over the first down marker? Ohio State and Michigan fans are still arguing about it.

DON’T MESS WITH PUNTERS. Don’t tell Pat McAfee his celebration is stolen.

SO MANY F-BOMBS. This is why field level mics aren’t always the best idea.

AS CASUAL AS IT GETS. Cam Newton effortlessly throws a pretty touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr.

BURFICT 10 ON THAT DIVE. Vontaze Burfict channels his inner Marcus Smart.

PERSONAL TIMEOUT. A KHL goalie decided to get a drink of water while play was going on. The other team somehow didn’t score.

DAMMIT, CANADA. Always polite, even on Black Friday.