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Tailgate Preview: Oklahoma

Bring plenty of booze, you’ll need it.

Alright cyclone fans, we are onto a Thursday night game. The pesky Sooners are in town and we are really diving into all sorts of tailgating kick off times. Most of you are either not working, taking a half day or you will just be insanely boozed up and hardly functioning. All are acceptable this far into our 1-7 campaign.

Things are going to be rushed for most of you so we probably won't get too technical or in depth in what we are going to tailgate with. In fact we’re going to make things fast this week. Get ready for some quick hitting tailgate options.

If you just want to show up with some beer, we are cool with that too.

Weather: Sunny with a chance of blackout

Well, the weather couldn’t be better in November. Kickoff temperatures are going to be around 68 degrees. The bad news is that a lot of you may not make it to see that, as 100% blackout is forecasted for a lot of you. It may not be a bad forecast for this game in particular.

Those of you who are going to make it to kickoff, the weather is going to be great all night. No threat of rain and the temperature will be perfect for hanging out with your tailgate friends as we wind down the home slate.

Food: Casey’s Pizza

We are going quick, easy and delicious. No time to really plan anything as a weekday puts a ceiling on prep time. Casey’s pizza will come in clutch today. Make sure to call in a few hours before to have it ready by the time you pull into Ames. Grab it, head to your lot and dive in. Can’t get any easier than that.

No party is complete without pizza. Today is no different. Go simple with single toppings and get to business with this week's game.

Game: Drink as much as possible

We don’t condone binge drinking, but in this case you may not remember the final score, which may not be a bad thing. We do not care how you have to do it. Beer bong, shotgunning, flip cup or shots — all are acceptable. Take some breaks if needed, wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you.

Remember to bring plenty of booze, it’s going to be a necessity. Remember, if you have a little too much, don’t drive, wouldn’t be the cool thing to do. Hope you took Friday off, you’re gonna need it.

Song: Livin’ on a Prayer

So you’re saying there is a chance?