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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Cubs Win the World Series!

The next longest streak to be broken is Iowa State’s conference football title streak!

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Iowa State Football

FOUR THOUGHTS. Rob Gray has four thoughts on tonight’s tilt with OU.

WE LOVE PARKING. To avoid your own Joe Mixon incidents with any Iowa State parking officials, please see today’s parking information.

AH YES. The Cyclones playing on a weeknight means some weird stuff can happen, like it did in 2011 against OSU.

THIS IS A THING. The Bachelor was working out in the Iowa State football facilities.

Iowa State Basketball

2 IN A ROW! For the second straight year, Iowa State has a member of the Preseason AP All-American team.

WELL, WELL, WELL. Hoopseen seems to think that Isaiah Stokes will end up at ISU, which would be another awesome haul for Coach Prohm.

Around the Country

FLY THE W. The Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years and I’m going to link you to the first article I found, but Google is probably your best friend here.

PARITY. We always hear about parity in sports, and while this is an exhibition game, women’s college basketball surely may not have it.

ALMOST HAD IT. Well, she may not have won the $43 million, but I’ll bet that was a really nice steak dinner.

TRIGGER WARNING. Here’s a really nice interview with Harrison Barnes, but there is a Skype mention.

FRIDAY KNIGHTS. The B1G is going to start some Friday night football - which fans of the Rutgers high school football team should already be familiar with.

MIDSEASON AWARDS. Since everyone loves some midseason awards, here’s your midseason NFL All Pro Teams.

BEN SIMMONS. The former LSU Tiger goes in on the NCAA and tells it like most “one and done” players probably think.

NOOOOOOORV. Norv Turner resigned as the Vikings Offensive Coordinator yesterday after some offensive offense after the bye.