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The Mid-Morning Dump: You Won’t Cry Over This Spilled Milk Edition

Something with this carton of milk is just... wrong.

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Iowa State Athletics

RHOADS REUNION? One of the names coming up as a potential defensive coordinator under Tom Herman at Texas? Paul Rhoads.

ANTI-HYPE TRAIN. Jamie Pollard is tempering some of the expectations fans have for the 2017 Cyclone football team.

FOOTBALL GREAT, GONE. Jerry Moses Sr., father of ISU footballers JJ and Milan Moses, passed away at 63.

PRIMER. Get all the info and history on ISU-Cincinnati courtesy of

FULL LINEUP SOON? The ISU grapplers have been down a few men in every meet this season. But that will hopefully change soon.

HANCHER VS. HILTON. For those of you interested in Iowa State history, a new book on ISU’s transformation into a public university under James Hilton, with objections from the U of I’s Virgil Hancher, is now on sale.

Around the Country

MOAR FIRINGS. Another college football job is open, now that Oregon has fired its head coach.

BIG 12 DOWN, OUT TOO? There’s little hope for the Big 12 to make the CFP based on the newest rankings.

PANIC TIME. With a loss to Delaware State, St. John's and former ISU assistant Matt Abdelmassih are in deep trouble.

CLASSIC J.R. While J.R. Smith was saying hello to Jason Terry, he gave up a dunk.

#NBAREFS. How could they miss this obvious double-dribble?

TEARS OF JOY. I doubt any of you were this happy when Jimmie Johnson won his 7th NASCAR title.


THAT’S JUST COLD. Bill Belichick convinced Tim Tebow to turn down a $1 million endorsement deal, then cut him.

PART OF A HEALTHY DIET. This milk, which should still be good according to the expiration date... well... doesn’t look good. (NSFW background language)