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The Mid-Morning Dump: Let’s all dress like Russell Westbrook

We need to start trolling with our outfits.

Iowa State Athletics

THAT WASN’T SO BAD. The Oklahoma game definitely went better than most of us expected, but Iowa State still fell short.

WHAT WE LEARNED. These are some things we learned from last night’s game.

COLE NETTEN SCORES. Netten became the all-time scoring leader for Iowa State football last night.

WE NEED MORE FIREWORKS. We need to have more fireworks for every entrance.

ONE PLAY. How one play by Iowa State changed LSU and Alabama forever.

SECOND CHANCE. Naz Mitrou-Long is prepping for a second chance to play for Iowa State.

CHRIS BABB. Former Cyclone Chris Babb joined John Walters on this week’s Cy-Cast.

Around The Country

CUBS STILL PARTYING. Chicago is having the Cubs championship parade today.

ATLANTA ROLLS. Atlanta steam rolled right past the Buccaneers last night in the Thursday night tilt.

DURANT VS WESTBROOK PART I. Durant and the Warriors took the first battle against the Thunder last night.

WESTBROOK FASHION. It didn’t go unnoticed — Russell did some trolling of his former teammate last night.

ALLEY OOP. Kyrie and Lebron had a nice oop off the backboard last night, if you are into that kind of thing.

VR SPORTS. It appears more and more every day that virtual reality will be heading to sports games.