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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/7/16

The Weekend of Blowouts


Iowa State Basketball

IMPRESSIVE. Iowa State laid the wood to Sioux Falls yesterday, led by 24 points from Naz Mitrou-Long. Highlights (including #NEZLEKTIME!) below.

TRANSFER U NO MORE. Chris Williams writes about how Iowa State has progressed past the transfer jumpstart philosophy.

CATCHING UP WITH GILSTRAP. Rob Gray found Marquis Gilstrap, who’s now teaching and really happy with what he’s made of his life. Ah, the unrealized potential of that season...

Iowa State Football

A DISSERVICE TO BOTH? One writer thinks this Lanning/Park system is a disservice to both QBs.

WE’RE A FAVORITE! Iowa State starts the week as a 11.5 point favorite over Kansas.

Around The Country

BLOWOUT CITY. Nebraska was unbeaten going into a clash with Ohio State. They lost by 59 points, which wasn’t much worse than the beatings Louisville, Michigan, and Clemson delivered.

DON’T TELL HARBAUGH THAT THOUGH. Up big, he’s still going to go berserk at his team.

AND IN HOCKEY TOO. Montreal started the day 9-0-1 and the best team in hockey. They lost 10-0.

REBIRTH IN CHICAGO. A good article on the Bulls’ much improved play this season.

KD ISN’T TAKING IT EASY. Kevin Durant dropped 29 points in one half on his former team.

YOU THROW FLAG? I THROW TOWEL. Travis Kelce reacted to getting a flag by throwing a towel at the ref.

MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE IS THE NEW RAGE. Kentucky’s Rupp Arena pulled it off, as well as the Cowboys.

MAYBE IOWA STATE CAN HELP HERE. The Steelers might have attempted the worst onside attempt in the history of football.