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The Mid-Afternoon Dump: Election Day is Here!

And we are not going to talk about it, got it?

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Iowa State Football

SHAKE UP. The running back position looks a little different on the ISU depth chart this week.

COMPETITION IS GOOD, RIGHT? What does the mess at running back mean? In all reality, what it really means is competition.

LAZARD THE GOAT? Allen Lazard, according to Matt Campbell, could become one of the nation’s more elite wide receivers. Let’s hope he is enthusiastic about sticking around...

Iowa State Basketball

THIS IS COOL. Check out this ISU season preview video.

Around The Country

DISTRACTED BY MARGIN OF VICTORY? Just how much does margin of victory and “style points” matter?

THE AUTUMN WIND IS A RAIDER. The Oakland Raiders have absolutely shot up the NFL Power Rankings, and the Vikings have plummeted.

CONTROVERSY OR LEGAL PLAY? Richard Sherman appeared to get away with aggravated assault in the end zone during last night’s game, and he wasn’t flagged for it.

YAY BASKETBALL IS BACK. But to we realllllly need Bracketology this early in the season?

THIS IS FUN. Why wouldn’t you wanna hear dope music piped into your TV during a hockey fight?

GO FISH. And when I say that, I mean Randy Moss caught a salmon with one hand.

JEEZ STEPH. Steph Curry followed an 0-10 from 3pt range game by breaking the NBA record for 3 pointers in a single game.

JON “LAZY BONES” JONES? MMA fighter Jon “Bones” Jones was given a yearlong suspension for violating anti-doping rules.