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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/12/16

Iowa State wasn’t able to disappoint us this weekend. Hooray!


Iowa State Football

MEYER TO BLYTHE! What’s Todd Blythe doing these days? Probably still haunting Aggie nightmares.

Iowa State Basketball

AT LEAST THE LADIES ARE WINNING. With the men off for the weekend, the ladies put up 97 in defeating Northern Illinois.

Around The Country

DEDE’S DISTURBING STORY. A comprehensive read about OU superstar Dede Westbrook’s path to where he’s at now. Extra points for his mom’s victim blaming!

OKLAHOMA’S GOT MORE ISSUES. Former kicker Michael Hunnicutt is in trouble for meth.

HOW LAMAR CAME TO BE. How did Lamar Jackson go from unwanted as a QB to the Heisman winner?

BAD CELEBRATION. Lamar Jackson won the Heisman, but the party for him ended with two players being shot.

WHO’S NOT HIRING KIFFIN? Lane Kiffin has reportedly been hired at four different schools by now.

LOUDEST HIT YOU MIGHT EVER HEAR. Darren Sproles was smashed into before he even had a chance to field a punt.

PUNT SAVE OF THE YEAR. I guess the Bucs are doing smart things on the football field now.

SUPER BROWNSY. The Browns ran a flea flicker that was so terrible it ended up an interception into triple coverage.

SAVAGE. Don’t fall on the ice if you’re an announcer, because your own team’s Twitter will dump on you mercilessly about it.