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The Mid-Morning Dump: Dunk of the Year Edition

Watch the guy on the bench for full effect.

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Iowa State Athletics

FULL SCHEDULE OUT! Find out when Iowa State football will be squaring off against opponents in 2017.

MIDYEAR TRANSFERS. ISU is expected to add some new football players during the midyear transfer period.

FILM BREAKDOWNS. CF’s Jared Stansbury did one on Iowa State’s loss to Iowa and our very own RevDizz put one together too.

NEED DAT SHOT BACK. Naz Mitrou-Long is confident his shot will start falling again soon.

PERFORM TO POTENTIAL. Kevin Jackson knows the wrestling program has to perform better.

Around the Country

LOOSE LIPS. A Wake Forest radio announcer was caught leaking game plan information to other teams. Got my eyes on you, Eric Heft.

WATCHABILITY. This season’s bowl slate, ranked by your need to watch each game.

BRING DOWN THE HAMMER. Minnesota has suspended 10 football players ahead of the Holiday Bowl.

STEPH CURRY: LIKEABLE DUDE. After burying a 3-pointer, Steph Curry high-fived a coach of the opposing team.

ANTHONY DAVIS: BROWNS QB? This pass from “The Brow” wasn’t accurate, to say the least.

DUNK OF THE YEAR? Look away, children.

TOM BRADY ANGRY. This poor water bottle.

STAR WARS DUMP! Early reviews for Rogue One are in and here’s the newest Honest Trailer — for The Empire Strikes Back.