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The Mid-Morning Dump: Dunk of the Year Pt. 2 Edition

I see Fitzy’s dunk of the year candidate and raise him a Larry Nance Jr. masterpiece.

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Iowa State Athletics

WRESTLING TRANSFER. Nathan Boston, who had spent time this season wrestling at 133 pounds, is transferring to Campbell University.

MOVIE TIME. Monte Morris and Coach Prohm watched the entire Iowa game film together to help get on the same page.

ISU IS GOING BOWLING. Calm down, it’s just the basketball team blowing off some steam.

SAY GOODBYE. Offensive lineman Jaypee Philbert announced that he is transferring from the football program, while giving special thanks to Mark Mangino.

EARLY SIGNING PERIOD. Everybody is well aware of how an early signing period could help programs like Iowa State, here’s a reminder that it goes to a vote next month.

EARLY SIGNEES. Iowa State signed a couple of mid-year JUCO transfers yesterday in Matt Eaton and Matt Leo, who’s played more rugby than football.

ISU IS AAU. Iowa State Volleyball had its 9th straight season with an All-American and 10th in the last 11, as Jess Schaben was announced as an Honorable Mention All-American yesterday.

Around the Country

LARRY NANCE JR. It was a sad night in the NBA last night as the Nets bench celebrated the death of teammate, Brook Lopez, who is indeed not on the Bulls.

WAKEYLEAKS. When will people learn that if you want to catch Bobby Petrino in the act, you better come with proof?

NBA CBA. The NBA and the Player’s Union agreed on a new CBA yesterday and the only real nugget for college basketball fans is that the one and done rule is staying.

SIZE DOESN’T MATTER. It’s been more than 20 years since a college basketball player averaged 30+ per game, but Central Michigan’s 5’9” star, Marcus Keene is giving it a go.

BEST SPORTSTHINGS OF 2016. If you missed any of 2016’s greatest sportsthings, the mothership has you covered.

STAR WARS. There’s a new movie coming out, so until you go and see it you can read about the Death Star.

DON’T FORGET. Iowa State’s top 2017 commit, Lindell Wigginton is playing on ESPN2 tonight at 8pm central.