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The Mid-Morning Dump: We’ve All Had Enough of 2016

Thank goodness the year is almost over

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Iowa State Athletics

JUCOS ARE NICE. The Cyclones picked up commitments from not one, but 2 top junior-college players this week.

WE NEED POST PLAYERS? WHO WOULDA THOUGHT... Post presence has been a glaring weakness for ISU MBB, but this wasn’t the case 6 months ago.

MATT LEO IS A BOSS. Here’s more on the future Cyclone and his path to Iowa State.

Lindell Wigginton showed out on ESPN 2 last night.

Around The Country

RIP CRAIG SAGER. The nosedive that is 2016 continues, as sports reporter and all-around legend Craig Sager passed away yesterday.

REPORTER FIRST, CELEBRITY SECOND. Sager will be remembered as both.

PLAYOFFS??? DON’T TALK ABOUT.... Well, somebody has to talk about how they are shaping up.

SEATTLE IS AT IT AGAIN. The Sea Birds sacrificed the Rams en route to clinching the NFC West.

OHHHHHHHHH BOY. The University of Minnesota Athletics Department has seen some messes in its day, but this tops them all.

2016 IN PICTURES. Sports pictures, that is. There were some good ones.

DRAIN THE SPORTS SWAMP? No, this has nothing to do with the U of Florida. This interesting read asks a great question: Can we separate sports and politics?

RELOCATING FOR SPORTS. Some children show exceptional athletic ability at a young age, and a family relocating for this reason can have profound impacts.