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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/19/16

Tinder in the SEC seems scary.


Iowa State Basketball

3SUS RISES. Naz Mitrou-Long has been struggling lately, but came out of his slump in a big way at Wells Fargo.

TEMPO BACK. Iowa State may not have had the most convincing victory over Drake, but they did get back to the tempo they like.

LADIES BLOWOUT DELAWARE STATE. Iowa State’s Big Three were devastating in a big win on Sunday.

Iowa State Football

LIMA TIME. Ray Lima is a top JUCO and the newest Cyclone. Added bonus: He’ll have three years to play.

Around The Country

CELEBRATION OF THE YEAR? Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown and proceeded to hop in the Salvation Army bucket.

LOVE GAME OF THRONES AND WATCH THE BIG 12? Well, here you go then.

LAZARD’S GOT THE FUNNIES. David Irving played well against the Buccaneers, so Allen Lazard had commentary.

A DIFFERENT WORLD BACK THEN. What was the world like the last time the Raiders made the playoffs?

A FRIENDLY REMINDER TO NOT USE THE DASHERS AS A DINNER TABLE. Or you’ll lose the overpriced concessions food you paid for.

TOO BUFF TO FAIL. Ed Hochuli had to correct himself after calling a play a touchdown.

MALIK MONK IS THE TRUTH. The freshman put himself into the Kentucky record books after pouring in 47 against UNC in a marquee matchup.

NHL REFS ARE THE BEST. If you chirp other players during an NHL game, the ref might chirp you back.

THIS GUY ISN’T BACKING DOWN. Fan takes shot at Todd Gurley, Gurley fires back. Usually this is where the fan slinks back into his Internet tough guy corner, but not this time...