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The Mid-Morning Dump: Bad Sportsmanship Edition

Mad Fran is at it again.

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Iowa State Athletics

ANOTHA ONE. Steve Prohm and crew won another game last night, though it wasn’t always pretty in the process.

Here’s the good parts:

UNCERTAINTY. T-Hines writes about how last night’s game offered little clarity on the 2016-17 Cyclones.

SMALL BALLERS. If the players are making shots, Iowa State’s 4-guard lineup is a good one.

Around the Country

NO HANDSHAKES FOR YOU! Iowa’s Fran McCaffery walked off the court and told his players to not shake hands with North Dakota after last night’s game.

ON SECOND THOUGHT... DeMarcus Cousins got ejected then unejected for accidentally spitting out his mouthpiece.

JAVALE GON’ JAVALE. Completing a great around-the-back dribble only to blow the layup is peak JaVale McGee.

ROSTERS ARE OUT! For the three of you who actually care about the Pro Bowl, rosters have been released. Here’s the NFC, and here’s the AFC.

WE KNOW THAT GUY! Former Virginia basketball player Malcolm Brogdon dunked on LeBron James AND Kyrie Irving last night.

SAGER & SCOTT. This is a fantastic mural of Craig Sager and Stuart Scott in Los Angeles.

MOST INTERESTING MAN... Is anyone really surprised to find out John Daly once threw $55,000 off a bridge?

DEDICATION. The same man has won free Eagles tickets multiple times over the past couple years.

SLAPPA DA BABY. A college student who celebrated by slapping a fake baby caught the attention of America.

73 Q’S WITH NPH. If you’re a Neil Patrick Harris fan (or How I Met Your Mother fan) you’ll enjoy this questionnaire.