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WRNL Christmas Gifts: Iowa State Staff and Media Edition

‘Tis the season.

Chicago Officials Help Families In Need At Christmastime Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Today’s Christmas Eve and that means tomorrow is the day you all get to open up your gifts and have a merry ol’ time.

Being in the giving mood, WRNL decided to get some gifts for a few of the people involved with Iowa State athletics year-round. That means members of the University, athletic squads, and media who cover the ISU beat.

We hope these notable members of Cyclone Nation enjoy their gifts, because we took all the tags off and they definitely can’t be returned.

Merry Christmas!

Jamie Pollard:

For an extremely thrifty man... A $10 gift card to Dollar General!

Matt Campbell:

For a man who works 24/7... A lifetime supply of Advocare Spark!

Steve Prohm:

For a man with chapped lips and poor-fitting suits... Chapstick and pants that fit!

Steven Leath:

For a budding airplane pilot... A copy of Flying For Dummies!

Chris Williams:

For a man with tons of holiday spirit... An ugly Xmas sweater!

Brent Blum:

For a short man who loves referees... Platform shoes and a picture of John Higgins!

Randy Peterson:

For a man prone to on-court accidents... Bubble wrap!

Tommy Birch:

For a man who works with Uncle Randy... Noise cancelling headphones!

Travis Hines:

For a man with nearly double-digit anonymous sources... An MLA style book!

Andy Fales:

For a man who loves the state of North Dakota... $100 of fracking money!

Keith Murphy:

For a man who’s always accused of being an ISU homer... A copy of 100 Things Iowa State Fans Should Know And Do Before They Die!

Fran Fraschilla:

For a man who loves Ames and Hickory Park... A Hickory Park gift certificate!

John Walters:

For a man who needs to preserve his silky voice... A personal steam inhaler!

Eric Heft:

For a man who likes to have fun in the booth... A fine scotch!


For a mascot who can get lonely... The return of “Clone!”

Who’d we miss? What would you have done differently? Let us know in the comments... And from all of us here at WRNL, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!