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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fat Man Throws a Touchdown Edition

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Iowa State Athletics

PREDICTIONS. What will 2017 have in store for Cyclone Nation? Chris Williams makes a few guesses.

WORTH IT. New ISU wide receiver signee Matt Eaton says the journey he’s had to come to Ames was all worth it.

THE INSPIRATION. Darrell Bowie’s late father and infant daughter are what drive him to succeed.

THE LARD QUESTION. With Cameron Lard *supposedly* showing up at semester, does Iowa State play him now, or wait until next season?

BIG 12 PLAY. The Cyclone women are preparing for conference action.

Around the Country

MAKING A CASE. Here’s why each team in the College Football Playoff will and won’t win it all.

KYRIE = REAPER. This is a public service announcement that Kyrie Irving takes the souls of his victims.

FLIP IT. What if more wins equaled a better draft position for the NFL Draft? Here’s what a mock draft might look like.

PLAYOFF PICTURE. Wondering which NFL teams are still in the hunt for the playoffs? Only these.

SIGN HIM UP! A security guard made an amazing diving effort to stop a fan who ran onto the field during the Chiefs-Broncos game.

FAT MAN PASSING TD! Here’s 346-pound Chiefs lineman Dontari Poe doing his best Tim Tebow impression.

THROWBACK. 36-year-old Richard Jefferson somehow posterized two different Golden State Warriors.

TROLLOLO. The Cavs hung a pic of LeBron’s block in the NBA Finals outside of Golden State’s locker room.

GIVING MAN. Melo gave a 17-year-old who has cancer a car for Christmas.

ANOTHER GIVING MAN. Chad Johnson got a kid an Xbox for Christmas, probably so he could beat him at FIFA.

SO WRONG. Everything wrong with Home Alone in 15 minutes.