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The Mid-Morning Dump - Russia Doped In Rio. Duh.

Also, NBA fights are lame.


Iowa State Basketball

THE RIGHT SITUATION. Bride Kennedy Hopoate talks about her commitment to Iowa State.

SEANNA’S BIG CHANCE. Seanna Johnson is taking advantage of her chance at going down as one of Iowa State’s greatest players ever.

Iowa State Football

CHECKING IN WITH NFL CLONES. David Irving is the big name right now, but Chris Williams checks in with the rest of the gang.

Around The Country

HISTORICAL. Did you know Alabama’s fight song is about beating Washington in 1926? Neither did I.

#DISRESPECTED. NBA players had some words and it led to Rockets players waiting outside the Mavericks’ locker room.

HELPING HAND. A defensive back isn’t usually there to help out a quarterback’s statistics, but last night happened.

GOALIES ARE CRAZY. As someone who plays hockey, I can tell you that all goalies are a bit off. Mike Smith proved that last night.

AARON HERNANDEZ: AWFUL PERSON. Not that we didn’t already know that, but he apparently got a tattoo to commemorate murdering two people.

#HANDEYECOORDINATION. Marc-Andre Fleury should try some batting practice with the Pirates this year.

NO SHIT, RUSSIA. Russia admits they definitely doped for the Rio Olympics.